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Feng Shui Elements

When you schedule your Feng Shui Consultation these elements will be used. The Five Elements, The Bagua, and the Nine Basic Cures are methods used to create the kind of changes you want and each adds another layer to create profound and lasting changes to relationships, finances, career, health or whatever it is you are focusing on.

The Five Elements
Using the 5 Elements is a way to restore balance to your life in a very elegant way.






The Bagua
The bagua is like an energy map that is used as a template. It is superimposed over a floor plan or property to be able to evaluate what is occurring energetically in each area. Each section of the bagua is called a gua and has specific qualities that are attached to each, such as family, fame, wealth, marriage, career etc. Each gua has a direction, element and color associated with it. Specific elemental cures are used to activate or balance the different guas.

The Nine Basic Cures
The Nine Basic Cures generate, anchor, deflect and absorb chi (energy). Most of the cures use some form of energy, be it light, sound, wind, water or combinations of these energies.

1. Bright Objects
  • crystals
  • mirrors
  • lights

6. Electrical Objects
  • stereos
  • fans

2. Sounds
  • wind chimes
  • bells

7. Symbolic Objects
  • musical instruments
  • items you love
  • handmade crafts

3. Living Objects
  • plants
  • fish bowls
  • flowers
  • birds, hamsters, iguanas, etc.
8. Colors
  • red is a strong chi-generator
  • green adds vital life energy

4. Moving Objects
  • mobiles
  • fountains
  • windmills

9. Others
  • careful selection of any art work
  • symbolic images

5. Heavy Objects
  • stones
  • statues
  • large potted plants